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This ain't a scene...

Posted on 21 Jul 2015 by Cami // 0 Comments

New Members: Akito, Crow - welcome!
Referrals: none - pick up your rewards here!
Level Up: (1 -> 2) Akito
Masteries: none
Games: All games, except monthly, have been updated.
Affiliates: Summoner's Rift - Say that Jessica referred you if you join!

This post is really late, isn't it? I apologize for that - especially since I haven't given you a release in weeks. I do plan on doing a big one eventually, though. Once I post it, the series page may have a few broken images - or several as I still have to make some for several of the upcoming decks for series that we don't have any decks for yet.

New Decks: I plan on releasing 30 decks this week. Of course, I still have to make several of them - but I did promise a triple release. Luckily, I still have several OP/ED decks that have yet to be remade (FMA / FMA: Brotherhood). If there are other decks you want, throw them at me in a comment. I'll clear them out once the release goes up and willl replace this block of text with the actual release. I just didn't want to miss an update again - even if last time was unintentional.

Referral Contest: This was supposed to end last month...but the member count isn't high enough for me to feel comfortable closing it just yet. Rather than making the referral contest a time-based event, it will now be based on count. Once we reach 30 members, I will close it.

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