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May has come ^_^

Posted on 04 May 2015 by Cami // 4 Comments

New Members: Jun, Raie - welcome!
Referrals: Cami (x1), Raie (x1) - pick up your rewards here!
Level Up: (1 -> 2) Samichan
Masteries: none
Games: Weekly and bi-weekly set B games have been updated. Monthly games for April will be up for the month of May as well with the exception of "Jigsaw" which has been updated.
Affiliates: none

As I mentioned last week, Japanimation is now on Twitter and can be followed at @japanimationtcg. I've also implemented two new bi-weekly games: Yugi's Card Shuffler and Lory's Cutting Room Floor. Since the Card Shuffler game will update next week, you'll probably want to play that right before or right after you play this week's bi-weekly games.

Event Card: Japanimation's event cards represent important milestones for the TCG. They are worth 0 and may not be traded.

New Decks: Once again, there are 10 new decks for you this week. You may take a total of 10 cards with a limit of 2 per deck. If you made or donated a deck, you may take an extra card from that deck.

Deck Suggestions: We are in need of deck suggestions! Even if you can't donate yourself, feel free to suggest some decks in this thread so that members have an idea of what they can donate (and so deck makers have an idea of what YOU want).

Deck Voting: If you're stumped about suggestions, feel free to just vote for your favorite upcoming decks by posting in this thread. I'll eventually just put it as a weekly game but, for now, I've got it on the forums.

Group Collect: We are currently collecting "Perfect Copy" (Kise Ryouta). If you have any cards from his deck, and are not collecting it (or if you have doubles), make sure to join the forum and donate some cards.

Member Creations: We are currently making our prejoin deck. If you have not done so already, make sure to join the forum so that you can donate an image.

Deck Makers Wanted: I'm looking for 2-3 more deck makers. If interested, please send me a PM on the forums. Whether or not that 3rd deck maker I'm asking for right now will be needed depends on circumstances as all former staff gets first pick at the positions they want. If a former deck maker feels like a different job will be easier on them, they can choose a new job and will be allowed to make decks when they have the time.

More freebies - Happy birthday, Aaron! You might be wondering who Aaron is. Aaron is my younger brother who turned 21 this past Saturday. To celebrate you may take three choice cards - one #05 card, one #02 card, and one #21 card. These cards may be from the same deck as long as they will not allow you to master.

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