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One week in!

Posted on 20 Apr 2015 by Cami // 5 Comments

New Members: Eremis, Josie, Liz, Mousey, Samichan - welcome!
Referrals: Cami (x2), Jessica (x2) - pick up your rewards here!
Level Up: (1 -> 2) Liz
Games: Weekly and bi-weekly set B games have been updated!
Affiliates: Anthology, Loop, Mint, Rockin' Nippon, Vibra - please say Cami referred you if you join Mint, Rockin' Nippon, or Vibra; please say Jessica referred you if you join Anthology or Loop!

Event Cards: Japanimation's event cards represent important milestones. They are worth 0 and may not be traded. I actually forgot about including the April 2015 card in the last update so it will be in this one instead. There's also an event card celebrating our 100th deck.

New Decks: There are 10 new decks for this week's release. Everyone may take 10 cards with a max of 2 cards per deck. If you donated or made a deck, you may take an extra card from that deck.

Changed Filenames: All of the special decks now have a prefix of "sp" in their filenames. For example, "sevenpearls" will now be spsevenpearls and "rasetsu" will now be sprasetsu. The themed decks already had this prefix to begin with so you only need to make the change if you have special cards that are not from themed decks.

Note about deck releases: Unless I only made one or two decks from a release, I will pretty much never make use of the extra pulls for deck making. Other deck makers are free to take their extra cards as they wish.

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