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Possible Relaunch

Posted on 24 Mar 2015 by Cami // 3 Comments

Japanimation might possibly get a relaunch. The current MyTCG script will remain installed with a few changes made for security. A new forum will be installed to remove the ads -or rather, we'll be switching to the phpBB installation that I initially planned on using.

A new template will be created - one involving both regular cards as well as a mini puzzle. Special decks will remain as is - puzzles and themed decks. The current member-created decks will be completely remade since we will be getting new members. People will need to rejoin but it is recommended that people keep their old cards as you will be able to keep done of them.

EDIT: Okay, so you can't keep your old cards. Some decks will be renamed while others may be removed all together. Some opening and ending decks will have fifteen cards while most will have 25 - but that depends on the number of caps, or at least the variety.

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