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So I heard you like chocolate...

Posted on 06 Jul 2015 by Cami // 5 Comments

New Members: none - welcome!
Referrals: none - pick up your rewards here!
Level Up: none
Masteries: Kayori (composer, egocentric, majilove1000)
Games: Weekly, bi-weekly set A, bi-weekly set B, and monthly games have all been updated!
Affiliates: none!

I apologize for not updating last week. I know I had said there would be no release but I didn't think that I would miss the update. I had assumed that I would be able to update on time - only to find out that my relatives were coming over that weekend. They didn't leave until Sunday.

I will admit that I probably could have updated but it would have been half-assed. Unfortunately, the "no release" thing will still hold true for this week. Bummer, right? Most of the upcoming decks haven't been made yet and some of the series images for decks that are already made haven't been uploaded just yet.

Group Collect: I realize that I should put up a new round of Group Collect now that it is July. However, I have decided against this in favor of seeing whether or not an extra month will help out at all. With that said, we are still collecting "Stardust" (Fudo Yusei) so please try to donate some cards if you aren't collecting the deck - or you just have doubles.

Member Creations: We are creating our "Summer" deck. If you have not done so already, please register for the forum and donate an image.

Wishing Well: Fay has decided to grant two wishes this week! The first of these wishes is from Megumi who wished for "Choice cards spelling out SUMMER" and the second wish is from Kayori who wished for "Choice cards spelling out JEWELSCENT" because she just got accepted as a consultant.

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