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Slow day -_-

Posted on 23 Jun 2015 by Cami // 5 Comments

New Members: Megumi - welcome!
Referrals: none - pick up your rewards here!
Level Up: (1 -> 2) Megumi; (3 -> 4) Kayori
Masteries: Kayori (vocalist)
Games: Weekly and bi-weekly set A games have been updated!
Affiliates: none

Another late update. I promise these will lessen once school starts back up for the fall. Weird, right? I'm better at updating on-time during the actual semester than I am during the holidays. There won't be a deck release this week, except for the prejoin deck which we FINALLY completed thanks to Kayori.

Everyone may take up to 2 cards from the prejoin deck. Anyone who joined before June 1 can take 3 cards. Members who contributed to the deck may take 3 cards + any cards they donated (max of 2). This means that prejoiners may take no more than FIVE cards. I've got to limit it somewhere, right?

Freebies: I'm saving the double wishes for next week since I most likely won't have any decks to release as I have an exam this Friday. Deckmaking will be on the back-burner for the rest of the week and, aside from member-created decks, I like to have a minimum of five decks for each release. Because of this, you may all take cards spelling out "NO RELEASE". I'm also going to be extremely nice this time by allowing you to take any cards containing the letters with no deck limitations.

Donations, Donations: We need donations, guys! I know that OP/ED decks are going to be a bit difficult to donate right now but we're over-run with character decks at the moment. Series/season, pairing, scene, and puzzle decks are needed right now. Themed decks would be good too but those might be a bit more difficult even if the image requirements are, for the most part, a bit lower.

Deck Suggestions: We are in need of deck suggestions! Even if you can't donate yourself, feel free to suggest some decks in this thread so that members have an idea of what they can donate (and so deck makers have an idea of what YOU want).

Deck Voting: If you're stumped about suggestions, feel free to just vote for your favorite upcoming decks by posting in this thread. I'll eventually just put it as a weekly game but, for now, I've got it on the forums. From this point onward, you will be allowed to vote for decks that have not yet been uploaded. This will allow us to know which decks we need to put a rush on.

Group Collect: We are currently collecting "Stardust" (Fudo Yusei). If you have any cards from his deck, and are not collecting it (or if you have doubles), make sure to join the forum and donate some cards.

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