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Posted on 16 Jun 2015 by Cami // 6 Comments

New Members: none - welcome!
Referrals: none - pick up your rewards here!
Quit: Maitland - we're sad to see you go!
Level Up: none
Masteries: none
Games: Weekly and bi-weekly set B games have been updated!
Affiliates: none

I apologize for how late this is. I have a cell biology exam on Wednesday so it's SOMETIMES difficult to update first thing on Monday. I swear I'll try to update on time next week, though.

New Decks: This is a really small release. You may take 5 cards with a limit of 2 per deck. If you made or donated a deck, you may take an extra card from that deck. Also, please note that the "Card Games" deck is a special deck and is worth 2. If you take cards from that deck, make sure to log them accordingly.

Deck Suggestions: We are in need of deck suggestions! Even if you can't donate yourself, feel free to suggest some decks in this thread so that members have an idea of what they can donate (and so deck makers have an idea of what YOU want).

Deck Voting: If you're stumped about suggestions, feel free to just vote for your favorite upcoming decks by posting in this thread. I'll eventually just put it as a weekly game but, for now, I've got it on the forums.

Group Collect: We are currently collecting "Stardust" (Fudo Yusei). If you have any cards from his deck, and are not collecting it (or if you have doubles), make sure to join the forum and donate some cards.

P.S. - We still have an open slot for the prejoin deck. If you would like to contribute to the deck, please reply to this thread.

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