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About Japanimation

Japanimation is an online trading card game that's all about anime. If it's been animated in Japan, then there's a good chance that we'll be more than happy to make a few decks for it.

The name, Japanimation, was born when Cami decided to just combine Japan with the word "animation". Since anime is pretty much just Japanese animation, the name held.

Trade Post

Before you join, you need a place to store your stuff, also known as a trade post. To make life easier for you and for your fellow TCG members, you should separate your cards--at least into groups of keeping and trading. You are also required to keep a detailed card log, showing how you got every card. The final thing you need on your site is a way to contact you, either a form or an email link, so you can trade.

While members can certainly choose to manually run their trade posts (which Cami used to do on her own trade post), most people choose to use scripts such as easyTCG or Marfisa's Card Manager. How you choose to run your trade post is not nearly as important as actually having one and making sure to update it.

If you do not currently have a website for your trade post, I offer hosting at Eternal Summer. TCG trade posts on E-S.Net will come with easyTCG pre-installed to speed up the trade post set-up process.

When using eTCG, make sure that "puzzle" is checked so your collecting decks will be displayed correctly. 25-card decks must break at 5 cards; 15-card decks can break at 3 OR 5; 20-card decks must break at 4 cards.

Levels Requirements

When you join Japanimation, you begin at level one and work your way up through the levels. The requirements for each level are posted here. The rewards for leveling up are 1 regular card(s) of choice, 2 random regular cards, and 1 random special cards



Level One001-100
Level Two101-350
Level Three351-850
Level Four851-1600
Level Five1601-2600
Level Six2601-3850
Level Seven3851-5350
Level Eight5351-7100
Level Nine7101-9100
Level Ten9101+

What is a TCG?

Online Trading Card Games are similar to the trading cards you knew as a child. Rather than playing in person and collecting cards from packs at the store, you collect everything online. The goal is to collect all of the cards you like, also know as mastering a deck. Online TCGs are free to play, a lot of fun, and very addictive! Interested in joining? Check out the rest of this section before moving on to the join form!

Cards & Currency

We have three different types of cards: regular, special, and member cards. All special decks will have 15-20 cards. All puzzle decks are considered special and that is what they will be listed alongside themed and as well as member-created decks. Regular decks will mostly have 25 cards - this is with the exception of ending decks as the ending sequences of some series are static and, in that case, the deck will have 15 cards instead of the normal 25 cards. Most pairing decks will also contain 25 cards so long as their is enough official artwork.




At Japanimation, we have eight types of currency. Each different colored star can purchase a different card pack. In addition, though, we also have a special type of currency known as a "token" that can be used to purchase an assortment of things at the Star Centre. A token will look like this:


Once you have collecting all of the cards in a deck, you have mastered the deck. This means you cannot trade away any of these cards (except for doubles, of course) but you will receive some rewards for doing so. For every deck you master, you receive 2 regular card(s) of choice, 3 random regular cards, and 1 random special cards.