The Games

Weekly Games - Updated August 14, 2017

FreebiesWho doesn't like freebies?
Currency FreebiesTake some free currency for the Star Centre
Mogami Kyoko's Card PuzzleHelp Kyouko fix her friend's present!
Agumon's Digimon SlotsMatch three Digimon in a row!
Sengoku's Lucky MatchFeeling lucky?
Celestia's Wicked HandThink you can beat Celestia Ludenberg at her own game?
Kirigiri Kyouko's HangmanCan you figure it out?

Bi-Weekly Games (Set A) - Updated August 14, 2017

Arianna's Large PuzzleHelp Arianna unscramble what she saw!
Mistaken IdentityName that character!
WarpedWhich card got washed up?
Hiruma Youichi's LotteryUh oh! A lottery by Hiruma, that can't be good...
Togami's Series ScramblerUnscramble the letters to uncover Togami's next target.
Mukuro's Wheel of HellWho will be spared from Mukuro's wrath?
Noiz's Rhyme Drive-ByCare for a little game of war against Noiz?
Yugi's Card ShufflerWhat four cards were used to make Yugi's "composite card"?
Name That Song!Can you figure out what song this is?

Bi-Weekly Games (Set B) - Updated August 7, 2017

Haru's Cosplay DilemmaHelp identify which character is being cosplayed!
Pick a DateRin needs you to help his sister make the right choice...
Tic Tac ToeA simple game of tic tac toe...
Miki's Live ConcertHelp Miki remember the name of the song!
Guess the NumberFigure out the mystery number!
Where's Kuroko?!Can you tell us where Kuroko-kun has been hiding?
Memory CheckTest how good your memory is!
Lory's Cutting Room FloorHelp Lory rearrange the OP/ED clips in the correct order!
Name That Song (Fanatic)Can you figure out what song this is?

Monthly Games

Word SearchThink you can find all the words?
Puzzle SeriesCan you solve all five puzzles?
Find the SenshiFind all of the senshi before the month is up!
Daimon Kaito's JigsawThink you can solve this jigsaw that not even Daimon and his friends can figure out?

Ongoing Activities

Card ClaimClaim a card of your long as it's listed here.
Guess the CoupleDetermine whether the couple in the next card will be a yaoi, yuri, or heterosexual pairing.
Higher or LowerWill the number of the next card be higher or lower?
Member CreationsLet's make a deck together!
Group CollectWork alongside your fellow members to master a deck!
Wishing WellMake a wish!
Melting PotHave a card you just don't want but have nobody to trade it with? Exchange it for something else here! (Does not count towards stamp card)


Doubles Trade-InExchange your doubles here!
Member BadgesGet your very own member badge!
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